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Thursdays, 7-9 pm, Havurat Shalom, 113 College Ave (Davis Sq), Somerville, MA 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction



Havurat Shalom Community,

113 College Ave (Davis Square),

Somerville, MA 02144


*INCLUDES Mindfulness Retreat 

*The Mindfulness Retreat is a full day MBSR session that runs longer other sessions. This extended session is a required aspect of the full workshop and is known to help participants deepen their understanding of mindfulness.

Cost: $250 for MBSR Workshop

Bring a friend for half price to both of you!

Cancelations & Refunds: I will issue refunds for cancellations on the following schedule:

  • 100% after the first class

  • 50% of the full fee up to the date of the 2nd class

  • No refunds after 2nd class


What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?

MBSR is a program that allows people to use mindfulness techniques to tackle issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.


By the end of the 8-week workshop, participants are more joyous and serene. They are less judgemental in life and develop a heightened sense of clarity about day to day life.


In recent years, mindfulness practices have been adopted by many including top CEOs and athletes. These practices help create a healthy work-life balance and have been proven to reduce stress in those who engage on a regular basis.


If you are interested in the research behind MBSR and what other medical professionals' have to say about it, visit UMass Medical School's Center for Mindfulness.


What will each Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction workshop look like?

Although each session is unique in that different topics will be addressed, each MBSR workshop includes:

  • Instructed Mindfulness Meditation

  • Stretching & Yoga

  • Group Dialogue & Discussion on Enhanced Awareness in Life


"I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 mindfulness week course led by Malka. The atmosphere in the class was very welcoming, and I enjoyed interacting with a diverse group of people as we went on our mindfulness journey together! Malka is an extremely warm, caring and genuine leader. She is passionate about the subject and showed a genuine interest in leading us all to a more mindful state. The tools and techniques I learned have already helped me approach every day with a different mindset. With increased and ongoing practice, I hope to continue to see even more results."

- C. Coffrey, Medford.


"Over the years I have done meditation semi-regularly and attended some workshops. I found that being with other people was helpful in restarting my practice and that is what I needed at this time.  I saw the announcement of this course the day of the first meeting.  I thought that it would be a meditation group and that suited me just right. Malka and I discussed what this program offered and though I wasn’t really keen about some of the activities related to mindfulness this program was at the right time, convenient location and had meditation so I signed up and started in week two.  I liked the size and composition of the group (about 11) and ages from 26-75, equal numbers of male and female. Over the last 7 weeks not only did I begin and continue a meditation practice but also found value in the readings and talks that Malka provided.  It was a special experience to talk in small groups with others sharing learning (once more) how important individual communication is or identifying parts of ourselves that make up our whole selves.  The climate was of acceptance with plenty of laughing and appreciation for one another present.  At the end of 7 weeks I feel ready to continue my meditation practice and maintain the feelings of joy and happiness each and every day. Thank you Malka."

- G. Katzar, Somerville 


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