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Mindfulness-Based Weight Management Program


Do you find yourself constantly stressing about your weight?

Are you tired of starting a new diet and failing?

You know everything about the subject and do all the "right" things: avoid, give up, cut back, hold back, exercise, punish yourself, promise "tomorrow" ... bribe yourself ...  

And for some reason, it does not work for you!

Do you want to stop food cravings? 


You are not alone!

What if you could stop the drama of weight loss and have a life?

What if you could manage your weight and fall in love with yourself in the process?


Reducing the stress of weight loss so that you can focus on the things that really matter is probably one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.


Yes, it is possible!

Image by Tamas Pap

Managing your weight mindfully is easier than you might think. We are quick to find faults with ourselves. We tend to think that we are not wise enough or not strong enough and we need somebody else to do the work for us, so we enroll in programs that do the thinking for us and tell us exactly what to eat, when, and how.  We tend to outsource decisions about what’s best for us to others.  

But overeating and weight issues cannot be solved by someone else.

It is our own personal work and journey….not something that we could outsource, like the laundry.


But we have innate wisdom and the ability to choose what works best for us even if we take them for granted.


But what if we could use the power of mindfulness and commitment?

What if we could see our strengths?

What if we could listen to our inner wise person, and inner rebel?

What if you could have individual coaching sessions that would help you solve obstacles on your way?


And that's exactly what this course will do…


Because it is about what is right with you not what is wrong with you.

It’s about what you can eat and not about deprivation

It’s about using your strengths to make small habit changes, one commitment at a time.

This course is based on personal experience.

I lost 40 pounds, one small change at a time. 


 Find support and motivation in a friendly group setting.

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These interactive series include






Exclusive What’sup Group

You design the plan that works best for you and commit to small changes one step at a time to the version of you that you want to create.


8-Week Mindfulness-Based Weight Management Program
Create and perfect your weight loss plan, one small habit at a time 
Weekly activities and discussions to reduce stress,  peel layers of resistance, and identify sources of inner power

Week 1: You Are Ready to Change from Within?

  • Identify what are your goals for the journey.

  • Discover your Big Motivating Factor (the why underneath the why)

  • Create strong anchors to bring you back on track.

Week 2: Perception, what gives you energy and what takes it away

  • Explore what gives you energy and what takes it away in all areas of your life, including food. 

  • Pay attention to why you reach for food, what you reach for, and how you eat.

  • Learn how to use The Hunger Scale, decide whether you’re truly hungry, and calibrate your Hunger Scale.  

  • Learn useful techniques to reduce stress and eat mindfully

Week 3: Discover your Character Strengths and get great results

Your personality is only the beginning – it's your character strengths that determine your results. 

  • Find out the 'Real you' and stop wasting energy, trying to be someone else.

  • Gain confidence by embracing your unique qualities

  • Develop a new perspective to strengthen your commitment and overcome stressful moments. 

  • Recognize and appreciate character strengths in others 

Week 4: How To Be With Yourself

  • Learn powerful meditations, metaphors, visualizations, and tapping to navigate strong emotions and boredom.

  • Identify your habit loops and explore how you can break them using mindfulness and other techniques

Week 5: Deliberate action: responding to life instead of reacting habitually

Between stimulus and response, there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.  

--Viktor Frankl

  • Learn about the Brain Circuits of Fear, Stress, and Anxiety and use them in your favor.

  • Find an internal safe space to respond mindfully to whatever life presents to you.

  • Understand how to consistently use the power of your thoughts to choose your response.

  • You’ll begin to see that you have the power to choose the results you want to create and not feel overwhelmed.  

Week 6: Relationships with yourself, other people, and the scale

  • Discover methods for staying present with others while remaining centered in yourself.

  • Respecting others’ needs while honoring your own, and asserting yourself with confidence. 

  • Teaching your community what you need and how they can support your new healthy lifestyle. 

  • How to dine out, socialize, special events, and say “No.”

Week 7: Are You Ready to See How Far You Have Come?

  • Identify obstacles that still may be in your way

  • See how far you have come, appreciate your achievements, and make any adjustments.  

  • Learn how the new baseline becomes a launching point of change in all areas of your life.

Week 8: Moving Forward

  • Be empowered with tools that will help you continue taking steps toward your goal. 

  • Discover what to do if you ever fall off track.

  • Be more in tune with your body than ever before.

  • Celebrate both the end of this program and the beginning of the “rest of your life.” 



I lost 40 pounds, and I want to show you how you can do it too!

But that’s only the beginning... What I want to share with you are all the lessons that I have learned in the process. Because this is not meant to be a quick external fix, but a permanent change from the inside out.

I learned that I am as beautiful and complete now, as I was forty pounds heavier. Your weight does not say anything about you, but you can learn tools that will help you lose weight forever and improve all areas of your life.

It all started when the scale showed 199 pounds, and I did not want to cross the line to 200, but I didn’t know how to do it. I also had a belief that I was doomed, and nothing was going to help.

Yet, since I was working night shifts I used to eat a lot at work, I committed that I will not buy food at work, no matter what. That was the beginning… (That was a random choice, and you will start wherever it works best for you)

Today, forty pounds lighter, I have learned that I could do whatever I take on myself, one commitment at a time -- and so will you! It will give you the power to create greatness in your life.


I also learned that there are no good and bad food labels because all food is fair game. It’s something to enjoy and then be done. No stressing if it’s right or wrong, you will find the way that suits you and your lifestyle.

My home and work relationships have improved tremendously, and I have learned the depth of mindfulness and acceptance. It happened when I understood that my relationship with the scale mirrored my relationship with people in life and at work. I often get frustrated about the numbers on the scale. I want the numbers on the scale to be different and want people around me to be different. I cannot change either of them. As I started to accept the numbers on the scale, as they are, my relationships at home and work have improved tremendously. 


I’m a Life and Wellness Coach, and a  Mindfulness Teacher trained in Internal Family Systems and Via Character Strengths on a mission to help clients Unlock their Potential, Live Stress-Free and leave up to the best version of themselves. And I created this workshop that as you go on your weight management journey, you fall in love with yourself, discover how to be committed and mindful, improve your relationships, and learn to set goals and accept setbacks. And you will get tools for the rest of your life.

Come and join this life-changing process, one small habit at a time.

What People Are Saying

Working with Malka was a real treat.  She is a great listener, compassionate, caring, and very insightful.  With her coaching, I took some steps that I may never have taken on my own.  She knew how to ask the right questions to help me with finding out my own solutions.  Her questions and reflections gave me many aha moments.  I looked forward to talking with her every week.  That time with her was very valuable.   I knew I would get a little golden nugget of insight and inspiration from each session.

Eliana R

As a coach myself, I’m especially critical of other coaches and their technique. Working with Malka helped me see things with clarity and confidence. At times, I had to make business decisions that initially felt overwhelming and daunting. After Malka’s insightful coaching, I was able to move forward confidently and with a sense of ease where before there was fear. After each session with Malka, not only did I feel I knew what I was doing, but I also knew I could do it. Working with her allowed me to give myself permission to experiment and make mistakes so that I can fully realize my potential. Taking risks was suddenly not as scary as before.

I was grateful for Malka's insightful and compassionate coaching.  Through our conversations, I was able to find new perspectives and different ways of looking at some situations that were challenging for me. During the process of coaching, I realized how important it is to feel heard and to be able to express yourself without feeling judged.  I always felt listened to with Malka.  The best part of coaching was feeling that softening of my heart after I came to a deeper understanding of me and how I experienced my world.  Malka knew just where the light needed to be shined to help me find my own way.

Briana W

Leeny H

I appreciate the space that Malka held for me, while I processed things that came up in my life. Malka helped me turn inward and to keep my monkey mind out of my head which enabled me to find my answers.  She was able to challenge me in a kind way so my truths were revealed to me.

Jean D

My coaching sessions with Malka have helped me a lot. She's helped me untangle some of the areas of my life that were holding me back. With intuitive and insightful questions she skillfully helped me explore what has been going on internally for me been gain more awareness and understanding of what is in my way enabling me to move forward with greater confidence and self determination. 
My sessions have been invaluable, they have literally been worth their weight in gold!

During my coaching with Malka, I have been able to clarify the vision I have for my life, and transform my daily habits to help me to reach my goals. Malka asks such insightful questions that really help me to gain a new perspective on the obstacles that were holding me back. I’m so grateful to Malka for being such a support in my journey!

Seamus G

Gemma F

I lost 40 pounds and I want to

show you how so you can do it too.

Let’s Get Started on the Path to a Better YOU!

8-Week Mindfulness-Based
Weight Management Program

Dates: Ongoing
Price $200

Image by Emma Peneder
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