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SOMETIMES you think it’s the mountain, but actually, it’s the pebble in your shoe.

Coaching for neurodiversity and ADHD

I coach brilliant and gifted clients like you who feel stuck and overwhelmed to thrive at work. Let’s work together to find and keep a great job or look for a better one.

As your coach, I am here to offer you the guidance, resources, and skills to excel in your current job or find the right career path. Working together, we will identify where you want to go. Then, by assessing your skill set and maximizing your strengths, we will create a unique roadmap to achieve your goal.

You will learn strategies to overcome doubts and tackle challenges with confidence. Let me be your GPS to success!

I am passionate about creating positive change that works-

so I always use science-based interventions, designed to your needs.


Malka has a graceful way of integrating her topic knowledge, authenticity, and caring into the mindfulness techniques she shares with others. I have seen Malka’s style work for those new to the Mindfulness world, as well as for those who are experienced and engage regularly in a Mindfulness practice.

- Amy Mazur, Career Counselor, JVS CareerSolution


Malka has worked with people from some fantastic organizations, including...

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