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you think it’s the mountain, but it’s the pebble in the shoe.

Neurodiversity and ADHD Coaching

My Story

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It's common to feel like the challenges you're facing are overwhelming (insurmountable) because of the differences in how others approach them. However, the real obstacle may be the pebbles in your shoe -- your belief that the way that others approach things is right, and that thinking outside the box is wrong. My coaching approach will help you overcome these doubts and tackle any challenge with confidence. 

I help clients create unique routines and strategies to thrive at work. Let me be your GPS, and guide you to success. It’s amazing to see that you become unstoppable when you discover your own way.

As a life and ADHD coach and a mindfulness practitioner, I create a calm space to focus on what’s important to you. When I was 6, it was difficult for me to read. Yet, I learned to read music, attended the conservatory, and ultimately became an orchestra conductor. I learned that practice, not perfection is the way forward; that it takes courage and flexibility to pursue the things that fulfill you. It is my passion to partner with my clients to support them on their unique journey and style to find their path to resilience and harmony.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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