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Unstuck your perfectionist-brain: how to stop procrastinating and get it done - REPLAY

I hope you are ready to leave your perfectionism behind.


In the webinar, I share my story with you, from a six-year-old girl with dyslexia to an orchestra conductor, how I learned that success and failure and perfection and imperfection are two sides of the same coin.


Click here to watch the replay and below the video, read a great summary that emailed me one of the participants -Jonathan D. Messinger, Esq

Perfectionism Webinar

Perfectionism Webinar

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"Overcoming Perfectionism"

with Malka Yaacobi


Brenee Brown - “Shield”

  1. Brain is conditioned for survival.

  2. Negativity Bias - 3 to 1. Positivity. Barbara Fredrickson.

  3. Caveman Ming / Modern Fear of Judgment/Rejection.

  4. Pathways of Fear via the Sensory Cortex

- Hippocampus - Thalamus - Amygdala

  1. Motivational Triad - Seek Pleasures (But No False Pleasures), Conserve Energy (But It is Okay to Be Tired), Avoid Pain (But Live in Some Discomfort)

  2. Viktor Frankl - Curiosity is an Antidote to Judgment

  3. Savor Water, Tea or Coffee for Some Time. Two Minutes.

  4. Meditate for Two to Three Minutes

  5. Pause and View from a Different Angle

  6. Circumstances (Things Happen), Thoughts (Happen in Mind), Feelings (Vibrations in Body), Actions (Behavior, What We Do or Don’t to Change the World), Results (What We See When We Take Action)

  7. Present Self / Future Self

  8. Take the Small Steps. For Example:  Twenty Minute Walk.

  9. What is Great about this Problem? - Tony Robbins

  10. Who Can Help? (Dan Sullivan) What Can I Learn? What Resources Should be Used to Complete?

  11. The Open Door. - Helen Keller

  12. Meditate, Feet Down, Close Eyes, Rub Palms Together. Now Open Them. Move Them. Ask for Solutions. Let the Universe Come to You. Getting Questions Answers.

  13. Japanese Art of Kintsugi - When Broken, Fill in with Liquid Gold

  14. Autonomy, Mental Flexibility, Emotional Courage, Confidence Produces Results


-Jonathan D. Messinger, Esq.



Dr. Malka Yaacobi is an inspirational speaker, consultant, mindfulness teacher, life and wellness coach, and musician, who has worked in the realm of human potential for thirty years.


Malka brings extensive experience in leadership and personal development to corporate and nonprofit professionals and community members, parents, and those who serve in the health and wellness fields. Professionally, she is committed to helping people surf the waves of life with curiosity and a sense of openness to new ideas.

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