Unstuck your perfectionist-brain: how to stop procrastinating and get it done

November 19, 2020 at 7:30 pm EST

Studies that included nearly 25,000 working-age individuals demonstrated that perfectionism is consistently related to higher levels of burnout, workaholism, and depression.

Perfectionism is generally accompanied by black and white thinking, insecurity, anxiety, stress, and procrastination! 

Perfectionism is not only wanting your work to be perfect but also wishing that things and circumstances around you would be perfect (Like politics, the number on the scale, colleagues.)

  • Why perfection doesn’t work

  • How success can be acquired through failure and the willingness to fail, and why you should strive to fail five times a month

  • How to replace the All or Nothing mentality with the Minimum Line approach

  • How to befriend your inner critic

  • My tips and strategies for overcoming perfectionism

Overcoming perfectionism cannot be solved by someone else. It is our own personal work and journey….not something that we could outsource, like the laundry. 


But we have innate wisdom and the ability to let go of perfectionism’s grip and exchange it with curiosity acceptance and commitment.


In this workshop, you will discover 

November 19, 2020

7:30 pm EST



Dr. Malka Yaacobi is an inspirational speaker, consultant, mindfulness teacher, life and wellness coach, and musician, who has worked in the realm of human potential for thirty years.


Malka brings extensive experience in leadership and personal development to corporate and nonprofit professionals and community members, parents, and those who serve in the health and wellness fields. Professionally, she is committed to helping people surf the waves of life with curiosity and a sense of openness to new ideas.

November 19, 2020

7:30 pm EST

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